Stand out In a Good Way: Writing Your Best Resume

Stand out In a Good Way Writing Your Best Resume

The average company receives from 100 to more than 300 resumes for every job opening they post. With that kind of competition for visibility and a potential interview, how can you insure that your resume makes it to the top of the stack? There are several tactics that you can employ to get a prospective employers attention without going overboard. You can apply these tips to get jobs in UAE. Follow these simple steps to gain a huge advantage over your rivals.


 There’s no doubt that resume writing is difficult; however, you can use the words that you utilize in your job everyday to make your resume interesting. Words or phrases that are specific to a certain career or field are called keywords. For example, if you are in a technical field, you would want to use words like network, information technology and information management; however, if you’re in marketing, you might want to use words like media relations, direct marketing, pitch or strategy. Using keywords shows that you have expertise and that you will have a shorter learning curve when you join a new team. If you’re stuck and can’t think of appropriate keywords, use words from the job description or advertisement of the job for which you are applying. For help with resume writing, try consulting a resume writing service. They have a grasp on essential keywords for every career and know the appropriate places where keywords should be inserted in your resume.

Stand out or outcast?

Stand out In a Good Way Writing Your Best Resume
Stand out In a Good Way Writing Your Best Resume

 Keep in mind that your resume is a formal document that shows your accomplishments, successes and ultimately why an employer should offer you the job. While you want to stand out, you don’t want your quirky ideas to make you seem strange or unable to fit appropriately into a team. For example, one creative job applicant sent in one shoe with his resume, hoping that it would help him get his “foot in the door.” Another applicant sent in pieces of a jigsaw puzzle with a note that said, “See what a good fit I am for XXX company?” While these ideas are creative, they take the focus away from your resume and your skills and accomplishments. Resist the urge to showcase your zany side until after you’ve been offered the job.

A Book that’s Judged by its Cover (Letter)

 Your resume or cv should always be accompanied by a cover letter. Your cover letter tells employers why you are writing to them and why you are a good fit for their company. Your resume cover letter is your chance to show that you have done your research. For example, if the company you’re applying for a job with has a mission, mention in your cover letter that you would be devoted to achieving the company’s mission. Or, if a company has had a recent success, such as posting increased fourth quarter earnings, mention in your cover letter that you are interested in contributing to their continued success. Use your resume cover letter to articulate your previous achievements and how they will help further the company’s success. A resume cover letter that shows you have done your research and displays impressive skills will subsequently make your resume stand out among the hundreds of others of resumes potential employers receive.

Brag about Yourself

 Your resume should detail your accomplishments instead of just listing your responsibilities. You should show that you not just did your job, but excelled at it. For example, instead of this:

 Managed a team of 20 salespersons.

 Try this:

 Led a dynamic sales team to increase company earnings by 76 percent.

 The second sentence shows how your leadership helped the company succeed. Any employer would be eager to meet you if you could increase their earnings! Here’s another example. Instead of this:

 Developed new accounting software for use throughout company branches.

 Try this:

 Instrumental in the development of new software that expedited accounting services, providing better customer service and consistency across the company.

 Whoa! Anything that makes money move faster is a good thing. If you’re having trouble transferring your duties into accomplishments on your resume, get resume help from a professional resume writing company. Their professional resume writers will help you focus on your accomplishments and wow potential employers.

Sometimes resume writing can be as challenging as the job for which you are applying. Don’t stress! Remember to use your keywords, perfect your resume cover letter and detail your achievements. If you follow these few tips, you’re resume is sure to help you rise to the top.