How to choose your e-cigarette?

The use of e-cigarettes has been on the rise over the years as more and more people choose this option. Manufacturers work to deliver a product that meets customers’ needs and thus avoids returning to tobacco.

But how to choose your e-cigarette? It’s normal to ask yourself that question when starting in the world of vaping, but we’ll give you some guidelines so you can choose the e-cigarette that meets your needs.

Some people decide to choose e-cigarette as a substitute for the traditional, this choice is because in the e-cigarette you can control the amount of nicotine that contains the e-liquids, until you can eliminate it.

You can find different types of e-cigarettes, whether with different shapes, parameters or different clearmizers, but they all work the same. We can differentiate three types of e-cigarettes, ciga-likes or disposable cigarettes, eGo or starter kits and variable power Mods or e-cigarettes.

Disposable Cigarette or “Ciga-like” – This type of cigarette is widely used for people who start in this world, as they should not mix liquids or rete clearmizers. Its capsules are disposable, easy to use and do not stain.

eGo or Starter Kits – It is similar to the first only that in this case you must refill the tank with the e-liquid that you want and be able to regulate the nicotine. You do not need to know about this world as its use is very simple and does not need any kind of configuration or exchange of parts.

Variable Power Electronic Cigarettes – This type of cigarette is for more skilled people who want to get the most out of their e-cigarette. This type of cigarette is used by expert vapers as it can explode if not configured properly.

To know how to choose your e-cigarette it is essential to start from the simplest and move forward little by little, because if you start with the most difficult you may end up returning to the traditional cigar.