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According to the slowed time theory, because only one half-hour episode airs approximately each week, the flow of time in the anime is considerably slower than in real life. This theory is supported by the apparent, though minimal, growth of the characters, as well as the noted marks of time. Despite going up against some powerful opponents during his time with Ash, Bulbasaur holds a positive win-to-loss ratio.

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However, Clemont was much younger than Cilan or Brock, and was usually presented as Ash’s equal instead of an older mentor figure. Like several of Ash’s other companions, Clemont was a gym leader, although their inevitable battle happened a lot farther into the series than usual.

Both Ash and Clemont had assembled some pretty powerful Pokemon by the time they faced each other in a gym battle, leading to a powerhouse brawl between Ash’s Goodra and Clemont’s Luxray. May had one of the biggest character arcs throughout the Pokemon anime. She started off as an inexperienced trainer, but her exploits and skills in Pokemon Contests were internationally known by the time she permanently left Ash’s side.

She also was one of the few people to recognize that Ash’s reckless battling style didn’t necessarily sync up with other kinds of Pokemon training. May left Ash’s company in part because she realized his offense-heavy battling technique didn’t work well in Pokemon Contests. When she returned in theDiamond and Pearlseries, her skills had improved by leaps and bounds thanks to her time apart from Ash. But, he was on vacation, seeing new pokemon, enjoying life. His age is not yet confirmed in the anime yet so we can’t really tell for sure.

In this case, Serena is based on Y from the X and Y Adventures series. Unlike her anime counterpart, she began her journey with a Fletchling and is likely the reason why there is one in her house at the beginning of the anime series. Unlike her anime counterpart, Y isn’t as unsure about her goals in life and doesn’t take part in contests.

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Personally, despite him acting like a happy kid again, he still battles like he download final fantasy tactics games did in XYZ which is a relief. Most of the main characters in the video game series as well as the anime are based on characters from the Pokémon Adventures manga.